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Portfolio Companies

We are currently accelerating innovative ventures in the fields of bio-tech, ag-tech, fin-tech, and AI. These are just a few examples of the ventures that have been able to develop an MVP and get it to market using only seed-stage investment.


ArunDrone was started to tackle the growing problem of labor shortage in the Esan area. Most young people have moved from the countryside to the cities leaving farms untended. Agriculture drones have emerged as a cost-effective solution in applying fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide.


Rodek has taken on the challenge of disposing of polycarbonate swarf produced during the eyeglass lens edging process. This contaminant is responsible for polluting the water supply with microplastic. Rodek’s device is able to separate and coagulate the microplastic so it can be disposed of properly. The product is in high demand in their home turf of Korea and exported to Australia.


LF was born in Japan but quickly expanded to the Thai and United States markets. The company was founded by IT wizards with a passion for agriculture. The result is an AI-driven backend able to predict maturity dates and yields of crops as well as diagnose nutrient deficiencies and environmental stress.