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Get your venture off the ground with support from our accelerator


How we help

Product-Market match is the first step for any startup to get off the ground. No matter what product or service you are introducing to the market, there must be buyers willing to try, use, and pay for your solution. We help startups get in front of potential customers and get direct feedback of the value proposition.

How are we different?


We are entrepreneurs too! Our senior managers have built successful companies and can provide valuable insight for each stage of your company’s development.

Active Investors

Our investors take an active role in growing the revenue of funded companies. That means access to a wide network of customers and partners to accelerate growth.

Lean Startup Model

Located in Thailand, we are able to take advantage of a low cost of living, a strong talent pool, abundant high-quality materials, and stable business environment. This allows you to scale your company with a much longer runway than more expensive markets.